2015-16 State Demographics

Total Student Population 5,284,252
Total Student Population who are
    Economically Disadvantaged
3,118,758 (59.0%)
    English Language Learners 979,868 (18.5%)
    Served by Special Education Programs 453,955 (8.6%)
    Unschooled Asylees or Refugees 3,951 (0.1%)
The SGPlot Procedure

2016 STAAR Passing Rate
(Percent at Level II Satisfactory Standard or Above)
By Subject Area (All Students)
The SGPlot Procedure
By Student Group
The SGPlot Procedure
By Special Language Program
The SGPlot Procedure
For student groups or special language programs with fewer than five students, the STAAR passing rates are not shown on the bar graph to protect student confidentiality.